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Sports Physical

If you plan to register your child for soccer, basketball, or another organized sport, you can schedule a comprehensive sports physical at Virginia Pediatric Group. At the offices in Great Falls, Fairfax, Herndon, and Aldie, Virginia, the board-certified pediatricians evaluate your child’s health and readiness for sports. They also offer personalized resources to boost your child’s performance in sports while reducing their risk for injury. Call the Virginia Pediatric Group office nearest you to schedule a sports physical or book an appointment online today.

Sports Physical Q & A

Why does my child need a sports physical?

Sports physicals are an effective way to ensure your child is healthy enough to participate in sports activities. These preventive physicals can also identify potential underlying medical conditions that might interfere with your child’s ability to play certain sports.

A sports physical is also required by many school-sanctioned and youth recreational sports organizations.

The Virginia Pediatric Group team recommends that you schedule a sports physical in advance of the registration date, so they can evaluate your child’s readiness to participate.

What happens during a sports physical?

During a sports physical, the provider reviews your child’s medical history, growth and development, and any issues they might have that could interfere with sports participation.

They perform a physical exam to note information about your child’s health, such as their:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Temperature
  • Vision and hearing
  • Heart and lung function

Your pediatrician also tests your child’s spine health, joint flexibility, and muscle strength during the physical.

If your child has any chronic health issues, such as asthma, the providers can determine if the condition will interfere with safe participation in sports.

What are the benefits of a sports physical?

In addition to a comprehensive physical exam, the Virginia Pediatric Group physicians can also provide resources to improve your child’s performance in sports. They focus on preventive strategies that can reduce your child’s risk for sports injuries, such as concussions and muscle sprains and strains from overuse.

The physicians can also address important issues, like peer pressure and the use of performance-enhancing drugs, with adolescents and teens.

Scheduling a sports physical with your child’s pediatrician also has advantages over mass screenings of physicals in a convenience clinic. A pediatrician who already knows your child is able to provide a more personalized experience based on your child’s unique health needs and medical history.

In the event the providers identify any health issues during the physical, they work with you and your child to address their symptoms and condition.

Schedule a sports physical with the experts in children’s health at Virginia Pediatric Group today by phone or use the online booking system and be sure to bring your completed VA sports physical health history form with you.